Project summary

Title: SEasonal PErformance factor and MOnitoring for heat pump systems in the building sector

Acronym:  SEPEMO-Build

Contract No: IEE/08/776/SI2.529222

Starting date: 1 June 2009

Duration: 36 months (01/06/2009 - 31/05/2012)

Budget: 1.46 Mio Euro

EC financing: 75%

Key words: heat pumps, standardisation, market barriers


The project aims at overcoming market barriers to a wider application of heat pumps, namely the lack of robust data on the conditions "in real installations" influencing reliability and seasonal efficiency. The main parameters influencing systems efficiency are:

- efficiency of heat pump unit
- quality of installation
- design and temperature level of the heating system
- insulation level of the building envelope
- climatic conditions

One key requirement to achieve awareness about real life performance is a universal methodology for field measurement of heat pump systems SPF. Such methodology requires a systems perspective including not only the efficiency of the heat pump unit but also the respective regional building standards and climate conditions. Connected to the development of this methodology the project seeks to improve the understanding of key parameters influencing reliability and efficiency of heat pump systems in residential buildings. Reference is made to national and EU standards such as EN 14511, EN 255, prEN 15316 and prEN 14825.

The objective is broader acceptance and improved quality assurance for heat pump systems in the building sector.

Project fact sheet

Contract No.: IEE/08/776/SI2.529222