Field Test Sites

Expected results from the according Work packages 2 and 3:

  • Field measurements results for ground source and air source heat pumps based on a common methodology.
  • Insight into the state of the art of the application of heat pumps in residential buildings in the member states of the EU.
  • Definition of a number of important parameters/factors which have to be fulfilled to achieve reliable and efficient air source heat pump systems.

More than 40 heat pump test sites located in 7 European countries are subject of the monitoring programme.


In the course of the project the following information shall be provided for all test sites by country:

  • Abstract, photograph and list of facts

  • Summary of monitoring results and operational experience

  • Google map showing the regional distribution of the test sites

  • Link to the Heat Pump Best Practice Database providing more detailed information and monitoring results

  • Two-sided fact sheet including monitoring results
    (available at the end of the project)

SEPEMO-Build: Test sites

To display the regional distribution of SEPEMO test sites, please click the map.

Contract No.: IEE/08/776/SI2.529222