HP Best Practice Database

  The "Ground Source Heat Pump Best Practice Database" was developed within the framework of the IEE project GROUND-REACH . At the end of the project in December 2008 in total 52 case studies from 15 countries had been compiled in the database.

  In the course of the GROUND-MED project (7FP) eight demonstration projects from seven countries shall be added to the database. Results from an extensive monitoring programme shall be made available in the database too.

  Further 52 case studies arising from a European-wide field test have been added to the database from the SEPEMO-Build project.

At the beginning of the SEPEMO-Build project the structure of the database was extended to include also air source heat pumps. Consequently, the name of the database was changed to "Heat Pump Best Practice Database".

SEPEMO-Build test sites

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Best Practice Database

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