Related Projects

    Advanced Sustainable Technologies for Heating and Cooling Applications

  • GEOCOOL Project
    Ground Source Heat Pump System for Cooling and Heating in the South European Region (completed)

  • GEO.POWER Project
    Geothermal energy to address energy performance strategies in residential and industrial buildings

    Towards optimal design and control of geothermal heat pumps combined with thermally activated building systems in offices

    Geo-Education for a sustainable geothermal heating and cooling market

    Reaching the Kyoto targets by ground source heat pumps (completed)

    Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean

  • Minewater Project
    Geothermal energy stored by mine water can be used to heat and cool buildings

  • ProHeatPump Project
    Promotion of information and success stories about Ground Source Heat Pumps (completed)

  • QualiCert
    Quality Certification & accreditation for installers of small-scale renewable energy systems

  • REPAP2020
    Renewable Energy Policy Action Paving the Way for 2020

  • SmartHeat
    is an intelligent modular domestic heating and hot water platform that enables effective integration and use of renewable energy systems

  • Wärmepumpen-Effizienz
    More than 100 electrically driven heat pumps were measured by Fraunhofer ISE under real conditions (completed)

  • Wärmepumpen im Gebäudebestand
    Field tests of electrically driven heat pumps in existing buildings carried out by Fraunhofer ISE (completed)

  • Wärmepumpen Monitor
    Field tests of up-to-date heat pump systems carried out by Fraunhofer ISE

European sources of information

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Joint website of DG Energy and DG Research

Intelligent Energy Projects
Database for more than 400 innovative projects for a more energy-intelligent Europe!

Community Research & Development Information Service

Intelligent Energy - Europe
EU programme to boost energy efficiency and the use of renewables

Enterprise Europe Network
Your gateway to competitiveness and innovation

Climate Action
Energy for a Changing World

CLP Press
Four interconnected EC-funded projects and initiatives

Transparency Platform
EC platform for the publication of a range of documents about renewable energy (according to Article 24 of the Directive on renewable energy )

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