Solar and Heat Pump Systems Industry Newsletter

Jan. 11, 2012 – The first issue of "Solar and Heat Pump Systems Industry Newsletter" was published in October 2011 as a joint IEA initiative from Solar Heating and Cooling Task 44 and Heat Pump Programme Annex 38. Major parts of the work carried out by this consortium are closely related to the work programme of SEPEMO-Build project.

This newsletter presents the status of the work of the SHC Task 44 / HPP Annex 38 or T44A38 work. The solar industry and the heat pump industry are the primary targets. The content reflects the activities along the course of the work and not necessarily the final conclusions that will be published in all deliverables at the end of the work duration (December 2013).

Click here to download the First issue, 10-2011

Contract No.: IEE/08/776/SI2.529222