UK prolongs support for household heat pump installations

Apr. 10, 2012 – Following the success of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme that ended in March 2012, the UK government will be launching a second phase in May 2012. Households will be eligible for up to £850 for installing air to water heat pumps and up to £1250 for ground source or water source heat pumps.

Households in the UK will be able to apply for receiving grants in the form of vouchers, which will also cover costs of technical monitoring and evaluation. Vouchers will be worth the same and cover the same technologies as in the first phase of the scheme, namely:

  • Ground source or water source heat pumps - £1250 (around €1514)
  • Air to water heat pumps - £850 (around €1030)
  • Solar thermal hot water panels - £300 (around €363)
  • Biomass boilers - £950 (around €1150)

Pre-registration for the scheme was initiated on 2 April 2012, with applications open from 1 May 2012.

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Contract No.: IEE/08/776/SI2.529222